About Yanki Lens

About Yanki Lens

Yanki Lens is a blog about me, Sandi Moynihan, and my photos, video, adventures, opinions, and, most importantly, all the awesome things I'm inspired by on an everyday basis. Although I try to stick to writing about photography, videography and journalism, my interests and posts are as varied as my thoughts, so I can't guarantee I'll stay on topic.


Wait, so who writes this blog?

Me! Sandi Moynihan! I'm a recent graduate and former student athlete from The George Washington University with a B.A. in journalism & mass communication. Currently, I'm a video producer at The Washington Post, although I do freelance projects on the side every now and then. 

Why is the blog called Yanki Lens?

I decided to name my blog "Yanki Lens" after traveling to Argentina in 2011. In Argentina, Americans are called "yankis," as in, yankees, notherners etc. I also fell in love with photography in Argentina, so for me, the work "yanki" has a weird association with the word photography. I can't really explain it, so just accept it as a new fun word in your vocabulary instead.

How can I get in touch with you?

E-mail is best. Write to me at sandra.l.moynihan@gmail.com.