Monday, September 30, 2013

The final countdown... to a shutdown

Well, as the minutes tick down to the official beginning of the "maybe" government shutdown, I thought I'd share my latest video on the subject.

Now, like a good little journalist, I'll keep my political convictions to myself on the subject matter, but let one thing be clear. The idea of not being able to go and visit the Smithsonian museums on a whim does not please me... one bit :(

Monday, September 23, 2013

The good, the meh

Howdy friends! I've got some new videos to share with you. One of which I would consider "good" and another which I would consider "meh."

This one, an interview with Daniel Pink, I shot myself. However, I was having a really hard time keying out the black background because the velvet material of the curtain kept catching light, hence, the lightness of the background. Even when I increased the contrast, I couldn't get it to a point where I was pleased, but I needed to be published. Le sigh.

This next one is a mini episode of Post Buzz (which is now resurrected as a segment I will produce and shoot!) about the new iPhones. I think the quality is much better here...
Which one do you like more?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

To fight, or not to fight

Normally, I don't get the opportunity to jump in on many super political retrospectives, but this week, I had the lucky opportunity to team up with some of the Post's In Play team to produce this piece about past presidents selling the case for military action.

With President Obama making the case for Syria, this look back seemed like a nice historical take on the larger case he is bringing to the table.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My latest: The critics' picks from the Washington Post's Fall Arts Preview

A lot of my friends have been bugging me to post more of my videos that I've been working on at work on my blog, so, here's my latest!

Its a video version of the Post's Fall Arts Preview. Just listening to all the critics talk about the local arts scene makes me want to trek to a show or two (or five) over the next few weeks. The one downside about this video (or triumph for my quick thinking?) is that it was shot off of my iPhone due to time constraints, but it turned out alright.
BUT... I do think, now that I'm watching this at home, I'm probably going to go into work tomorrow and make a few small edits:) But enjoy in the mean time!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And finally, it's here, my first film from overseas: "Myanmar in Motion: The Climate-Wise Development Approach"

In February 2013 Partnerships for International Strategies in Asia (PISA) collaborated with Yangon based NGO, ALARM, to offer a week long pre-training program for 45 mid-level government officials from Burma's line ministries with portfolios most likely to be impacted by climate change. 

The Myanmar Leadership Institute on Climate Change (MLICC) was designed to build capacity at the national level on mainstreaming climate change into development policies. The objective of the pre-training was to introduce the officials to what PISA terms, climate-wise development (CWD). CWD seeks the advancement of the community in tandem with responsible management of natural resources, investment in human capacity, and good governance. 

This methodology seeks to mitigate the tension inherent in development policies that seek rapid economic gain and the need for longer-term environmental and political stability.
So remember when I went to Myanmar, like, way back in February (if you don't click here to read all about that trip)? Well, here is the final project from it-- my film that I made in collaboration with PISA about their climate change policy conference and work in Myanmar. It was an amazing opportunity to work and travel with PISA... and a lot of work production wise once we arrived back stateside. I definitley learned a lot in the process, and know how to improve my next project to be even better! I also realized that the next time I plan on shooting abraod, I need a little equipment update (or a big one >_< )!

That being said, as with every project, I do have some big names to say thank you to in this process. Thanks to Fuzz Hogan for introducing me to Suzanne and Linda at PISA, without the introduction, I would have never had the opportunity to travel to Asia for the first time. Thank you to PISA (and Andrew in particular) for helping organize the logistics for my trip and helping me feel comfortable and prepared before setting foot on the plane. Thank you to Planet Forward for generously allowing me to use a SD card to store all of the photos and videos I shot. Thank you to all of PISA's generous supporters-- only with your help was I able to travel to record the important work that PISA does. So thank you for allowing me to help PISA.

So yes, it was fantastic, and a big group effort. Now go watch the film!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And ode to the end of summer

I can't deny that the seasons are starting to change. Every now and then I catch a cool breeze in the air. My air conditioning isn't set as low. My windows are staying open more often. I even prance around the city with a little sweater in my bag. The dog days of summer are just about to end...

But like every summer (I have this philosophy that life is marked by summers), this one was truly something special. After spending summer '12 in the perfect weather of California, and the summer of '11 in the beauitful (yet chilly!) Argentinian winter, this was really the first summer in almost 3 years I felt like I had felt the hot, sticky sweetness of a long summer day.

You know about the days I'm talking about. THOSE kind of summer days-- The days when you wake up not from your alarm, but from the heat outside beckoning you to get up. The days when all you want to eat is watermelon and bbq, and a cold beer in the afternoon seems like a sacred gift from God. Those days when you play a game of softball, laugh over dinner with friends, and eat way too much ice cream. The days when evening cookouts turn into crazy late night parties, and nobody actually makes it home until the mid-early hours of the next morning. Yup, this summer was filled to the brim with THOSE kinds of days.

The past few summers I've felt blessed to be surrounded with a new crop of people, who challenge me to become a better version of me in all different ways. And this summer, the summer where I "stayed home," turned out to be no different. Even better, in 2012 and 2011 I was expecting a summer full of newness, but this season, it just seemed to spring up on me. So thank you, all my summer friends, from work, from softball, from backyard parties, from bars, from long lost college days, from random, unexpected corners, it was wonderful to meet you.

How lucky was I to spend a summer with new and old friends, exploring my 'hood, and learning to love my concrete jungle home I have a notoriously love-hate-type relationship with? I really do believe that people come into your life at certain times in certain places to teach you something about life, and I believe that this summer was no different from that.

So now, as the leaves change colors, my student friends hit the books, and I dig into my job, I'll remember this summer as one to remember... but I'm so EXCITED for the fall to come ;)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Down, down in the depths of D.C.

Now, this is one of the COOLEST videos I think I've ever worked on. Partially because of the story, partially because of the role I played in putting it together, and partially because, well, I just love it.

Behold: my video story about the Tiber Creek sewer.

The lovely video footage is courtesy videojournalist Brad Horn. The reporting and narration is courtesy John Kelly. And the graphics, organization, editing, and production is via yours truly.

Man, I really do love my job.