Sunday, April 28, 2013

Texas Wildflowers

Last weekend I headed back to my hometown of Sugar Land, Texas to visit my family and had the unique opportunity to capture shots of one of Texas' famous spring beauties: the bluebonnet.

Its funny, after growing up there for 13 years, this is the first time I had ever pulled out my camera and snapped a picture of the famous state flower.

I guess some things aren't really appreciated until you leave them, right?

Anyway, here's some of my shots.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Holi holi holi

All during my undergraduate years at GW I always wanted to go the awesome, colorful event known as Holi. However, being a student athlete in season, I never had the chance to play around in the colors... until this year!

See, this is why more people should graduate early. You get the benefits of being a student without paying the tuition or dealing with homework and classes. #winning


For those who don't know what Holi is, it is the Hindu spring festival of colors, but many other cultures have adopted it recently in addition to the Hindu community. The GW student community hosts a Holi event every year, and this time, I got to jump into the color rush.

My lovely friend Rachael Burton let me put down the camera for the day and step into the frame, and she captured these amazing shots! Seriously-- I was blown away at how awesome these pictures were! Photographer in the making? I think so!

Oh and it was my birthday too.  :)

Pillow Fight!

A few weeks ago, when I trekked down to the national mall to shoot the cherry blossoms, I also snapped a few great shots of the giant pillow fight going on at the national mall.

Before getting wacked in the head, I managed to snag some pretty great shots!

Here's a sample:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cherry blossom time

You would think that after living in DC for almost four years, I would have gone out to see the cherry blossoms on the National Mall at least once, right? Blame it on college athletics, homework, or laziness, but this year was the first year that I actually decided to trek down to the national mall and see the blossoms for myself. Now, they aren't quite out yet, but still... they were quite lovely. Here's some of my best shots:

Oh... and a spatula.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The beginning of baseball season

Its the most wonderful time of the year folks: baseball season is back!

I fully predict a summer chalk full of afternoon games, $10 cheap seats, and Sunday series closers in my near future. Sunshine, foot-longs and cute baseball players... what's not to love?

Although I grew up playing softball, I spent a lot of my free time with my family watching baseball. Mainly, the Houston Astros. Now, I know the good ole 'Stros aren't too great of a team (minus the awesome seasons they had in '04 and '05), but they were a lot of fun to watch as a kid. From watching them play at the Astrodome to seeing them today in Minute Maid Park, they were a great team to follow as a budding fan.

However, now that I'm based in D.C. and have no sense of loyality when it comes to baseball teams, my baseball-loving heart has been captured by my awesome, fantastic Washington Nationals. Oh the Nats. I'm so glad you're back.

Anyway, the reason for my little baseball rant is this awesome piece I got to edit together for one of the Washington Post's video journalists. Its a sweet piece about opening day at Nationals Park. Check it out!