Sunday, October 21, 2012

So many pictures, so many midterms

Sorry, folks. Its been a little crazy here in the land of a last semester undergrad. Between classes, work, midterms, and travel I haven't been able to sit down and update my blog with all the amazing photographs I've been busy snapping over the past two weeks. Normally, I write a bit more about the context of the photographs, but just for this week, I'll just give you the photos and a short description.

This photo, featuring my lovely feet, was shot as part of a self-identity series I did for class. After years of sports and softball, I consider my feet to be a very personal reflection of my identity. In retrospect, I should have shot this on a black or white background.

This is a dramatic self-portrait, taken as a part of the same self identity series as the foot shot.

These three photos were taken together as part of a night photography series I did near Chinatown in Washington, D.C. for my photojournalism class. My personal favorite is the chef-- yummy!

These fall-themed photographs are all a part of my most recent series on the changing of seasons in New York City. I was walking around Central Park this weekend and decided to snap these shots to show the change to the fall color palette. Lovely!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I stalk, you stalk, everybody stalks!

Last week I wrote about a photography project my photojournalism class was assigned a few weeks ago (aka the stalker project) and how I had to step out in front of the camera and be the subject for one of my classmates.

Well, I too, had to follow one of my classmates, Ethan, around for a day and capture his day-to-day life in a mini series of photographs.

Here's the nine photographs I turned in last week.

It was definitely a challenge not only to find interesting and exciting shots, but to also just follow another human being around for a long period of time. Its safe to say I have a new found appreciation for photographers sent out on day-long assignments... its A LOT of work!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stepping in front of the camera

Normally, I don't stand in front of the camera. I feel much more comfortable behind the lens, snapping photos of others living their lives. However, this past week I was challenged to step out of my normal role as a visual documenter and let someone else record a day in my life.

Initially, I thought it would be strange to be followed around by classmate for an entire day, but strangely, I never felt awkward at all during the entire experience. Maybe all these years behind the camera have made me immune to the deer-in-the-headlights expression others seem to get when a lens turns their way.

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful photographer, Ellie Cohen, shoot pictures of me this past Sunday, and I'll admit, it might be a little vain, but I'm in love with her shots. Its not typical that someone truly captures me in all the different hats I wear, but Ellie did a fantastic job.

I think the most facinating part of this experience to me was seeing how someone else can view the same scene I see through a different lens. I often shoot tight, close shots, but Ellie chose a different approach, which makes me wonder if I might incorporate more of her style into my future shots.

Here's Ellie's shots from the day:

Stay tuned for my next blog post when I'll share the frames I took while following on of my classmates around.