Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Santa Cruz Island: its not a real place

Early last week I had the chance to go on a photo shoot to Santa Cruz Island (about 19 miles offshore of Ventura) for The Nature Conservancy in California, where I am working as the social media intern.

Right now, TNC is hosting a summer internship program on the island for 7 high school girls who are interested in pursuing careers in science and technology.

My job was to take shots of the girls in the beautiful surroundings (posed & natural shots), as well as capture a wide variety of scenic shots for TNC to use for promotional purposes in the future.

Now, I had never been to Santa Cruz Island before and was anxious to get out to the island and see what the hype was all about. People raved about the views, the biodiversity, the peace...

And now I get it.




It was truly a magical place to spend a day and take photographs.

I love what I do. If this is an indicator of opportunities yet to come in my creative career...bring it on.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A weekend in the city

Instead of bopping all around the West Coast this weekend, I decided to stay around the Los Angeles area-- camera in hand, of course.

I started my Saturday off with a 2 mile run and a nice dose of morning, urban shooting. I took these three shots in South Central Los Angeles, which isn't exactly the best part of town, but full of culture and interesting shots nonetheless.

 In the afternoon, I went with a friend to LACMA for some culture and Latin rhythms (they have free Latin music shows during the weekends in the summertime). I got to see some beautiful classic and contemporary pieces, as well as watch others peruse and enjoy the museum at the same time.

On Sunday, my roommates and I ventured down to Orange County for a few quick hikes (they were more like walks, thanks to my knee). We caught some breathtaking views and spent an extra hour driving along the Pacific Coast Highway all the way back to the city limits.

What an urban, picturesque weekend.

NOTE: I should also mention that I shot plenty of video as well--but you all won't see the awesome end-product until the fall time when I sit down to create my summer montage video (see previous post).

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The project & some inspiration

Howdy everyone. No worries, I'm alive and well. I just took a couple day hiatus from the blogosphere to travel across the Mohave Desert to Las Vegas. Needless to day, I survived the adventure, and now I'm back-- writing to you!

Last week I mentioned my plans to create an awesome summer video that sums up my holiday-- Seems like the Vimeo staff also thought that would be a good project for my fellow videographers to tackle this summer as well.

This week they held a video contest titled "Your Summer So Far." Now, I saw the announcement too late, so I won't be submitting (plus, I want to make my video lovely, and not rushed at all) but you should check out some of the submissions!

I really found the "inspiration" video they posted incredible as well-- someday, someday I will shoot videos like this.

(270) Seconds of Summer from Samuel Ebat on Vimeo.

Until then... its my inspiration!

Oh yea, I'm going to shoot some photos this weekend.

Be ready!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A summer video project

I thought I would take this blog post as a chance to explain a bit about what my major creative project of the summer is going to be. A video.

Back to my roots...

I was inspired after spending an afternoon parusing Vimeo and noticed that the majority of videos up on the site weren't videos of amazing places, but rather videos of oridnary events shot and edited into amazing, eye-catching stories that make you stop and think about the little things in life. I was particularity stricken by this video (which includes some amazing places, but is more about the editing than anything):

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

I've basically decided to start shooting all the bits and pieces of my time here in California-- from the gorgeous sandy beaches to the busy inner city streets-- and will combine all the footage into a film that speaks something greater than any still pictures I took can.

So far, I've been using my D5000 and my iPhone (for a more portable option) to do most of the shooting. Ideally, I would love to get my hands on a GoPro camera to do some shooting the water...but we'll see if the stars are in line for that one, they are $300...

I'm pretty excited to have a project to work on for the summer besides "capturing memories and advancing my professional career."

Those are important too.

But videos... videos are so much better.

I will add if you would like to see more details about my time in Cali, check out my blog about it (its pretty sweet, there are a lot of excellent pictures as well).