Thursday, November 24, 2011

A year ago, this holiday, I got my camera.

A year ago, thanksgiving holiday, I got my DSLR... happy anniversary, my Nikon D-5000! What an adventure it has been.

Its hard to believe that I didn't always have a camera stuffed in my backpack, tucked away and ready to go, just in case I saw something interesting and wanted to snap a shot. It seems impossible that a year ago, I didn't know how to take a picture on any other setting besides manual, and if you asked me to explain the concept of shutter speed and aperture, I would have laughed at you.

My my, how time has flown by.

Now I feel like I (sort of) know what I'm doing.

Well, at the very least, I know how to document my thanksgiving in a cool, artistic way.


This week my photos are about where I come from, the house I grew up in, and my thanksgiving holiday at home.  There isn't a real "correlation" between the shots, more of a random compilation of things that I walked by and decided... "Oh, that could be interesting."

A mask...

An orange...

Palm tree...


Trash can...

Light in kitchen...

My sister and mom...

Turkey day table ...


I know, sort of random. But sometimes, everyone can be a bit random.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The President's Photographer

I am constantly inspired by other photographer's amazing and seemingly innate abilities to capture otherwise ordinary moments and turn them into amazing images.

Take, for example, Pete Souza, otherwise known as the president's official photographer.

His job is simple: document everything and anything about President Obama's time in office. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong.

13 hour days, trips around the world and the constant pressure to document everything would be enough to turn any photographer away. But from what I've seen in the awesome PBS documentary, The President's Photographer, Pete takes every day as a challenge, eager to capture the "perfect" shot 365 days a year (see below for full documentary).

Watch Full Program on PBS. See more from THE PRESIDENTS PHOTOGRAPHER.

For someone like me, who is just starting out (and just starting to fall in love with the powerful ability to freeze-frame time with the click of a button) someone like Souza is pure inspiration.

Now, I don't think I will ever take on a photo assignment as grandoise as that... but watching someone like Pete work gives me hope that someday I will be allowed to shoot my own images for my GW Hatchet audio slideshows, instead of having to have a photographer come along with me.


Props, man.

You're pretty inspirational.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

When in doubt, video it out.

So. This week, seeing as I have been working on a video for the Latino Student Fund, I've decided that I'm going to talk about some of the best videos I've ever seen.

BTW, here's my video.

Sure, photos are moving, and I love them. But videos... inspire me. The sounds. The colors. The movement.

They're why I love being behind a camera.

Plus... I don't have enough finished shots to show you something new from my Henri Cartier project :)

Video #1:
Latinoamérica, Calle 13
I might be slightly obsessed with this song, but the videography... is breathtaking.

Video #2:
Exxonmobil infomercial
Yea, I understand. Infomercial? Really? But actually. The black and white, plus the split screens make a pretty cool 45 seconds.

Video #3:
This is just the trailer, but the entire documentary, besides being a good documentary, is really well shot.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New project, new inspiration: Henri Cartier-Bresson

So, in the world of photojournalism, Henri Cartier-Bresson is the "founding father."

Way back in WWII time, he started the phenomenon of what we know today as photojournalism and street photography...which is why I have selected his work as my inspiration for my next photography project!

I figured since I'm studying journalism... he was a photojournalist... why not learn from who started it all right?

Here's some of my first shots...

Also, weekly side note, I'm watching this movie called "El Sueño de Valentín", or "Valentine's Dream", for those who only speak English. Its actually hilarious... sort of "The Wonder Years"ish